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LTH Electronics


LTH Electronics are experts in liquid measurement technology

LTH Electronics’ liquid measurement technology provides intelligent solutions for applications that require accurate and reliable process control and measurement to reduce water consumption, monitor water quality or minimize the effect of waste on the environment.

The company offers a range of Contacting and Electrodeless Conductivity, pH, Redox, Dissolved Oxygen, Suspended Solids, Turbidity, Level, Flow, Pressure and Temperature instrumentation and sensors for many industrial applications.

The demands of sophisticated automated processing systems, the need for ever-tighter process control, and an increasingly stringent regulatory environment drive process engineers to seek more precise and reliable level measurement systems. Improved level measurement accuracy makes it possible to reduce chemical-process variability, resulting in higher product quality, reduced cost, and less waste. Regulations, especially those governing electronic records, set stringent requirements for accuracy, reliability, and electronic reporting.