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Liquid Analysis / Conductivity & pH Buffer Solutions

LTH Electronics - Conductivity & pH Buffer Solutions

The LTH Electronics range of calibration solutions and standards for conductivity, pH and Redox measurement for the calibration and checking of portable and on-line instrumentation and sensors are formulated to provide precise values.

These pH buffer solutions, which are standardised against certified reference samples, are ideal for electrodes and pH meters calibrations. All LTH conductivity and pH solutions are NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology) traceable and are designed to optimise electrode performance and prolong electrode life.

The pH buffers are colour-coded to avoid error and are accurate to within ±0.01 pH at 25°C, with full temperature dependent data supplied on the bottle labels to allow the user to compensate for different on-site temperatures.

  • Conductivity calibration solutions complete with traceable certification
  • NIST traceable colour coded pH buffers make identification of which buffer is being used simple with less chance of user error and cross contamination of the buffers
  • pH Buffers are supplied with temperature dependent pH values printed on the labels to improve calibration accuracy
  • Redox standards for the calibration and checking of Redox instrumentation and sensors
  • Electrode cleaning solutions – general, organic and protein cleaning solutions
  • Restore Performance and Prolong Electrode Life