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Liquid Analysis / pH and Redox

LTH Electronics - pH and Redox
pH and Redox

With increasing legislation and environmental demands, accurate measurement and control of wastewater parameters is essential for the treatment of effluents to reduce the impact of industry on the environment.

The simplest and most useful of these is pH, the measurement of acidity and alkalinity of a solution. pH is one of the most common analytical measurements used in process control as many chemical reactions rely on the pH of a process being maintained at the correct value. By using accurate pH measurement it is possible to automate and improve the efficiency of a process minimising waste and reducing costs.

Redox measurement is used in cooling tower, swimming pool and industrial applications to control the addition of reagents and treat toxic chemicals in industries including metal finishing, biotechnology, municipal and industrial waste water.


  • BDX17 Series
    Analytical instrumentation for measurement applications
  • MXD70 Series
    Multi parameter instrumentation
  • HPT63
    HPT63 pH / Redox Transmitters
  • BP9 – BR9
    pH and Redox Indicator Controllers
  • S400
    Series pH & Redox Sensors for the process industries
  • 9000 Series
    pH and Redox Insertion Sensors
  • PG135
    pH and Redox Electrodes
  • Dynaprobe
    High Pressure and High Temperature pH and Redox (ORP) Sensors
  • PME20 WPA1
    Holders for PG13.5 pH and Redox Electrodes
  • Spray Wash
    Automatic pH and Redox Electrode Cleaning
  • HD23050
    Portable instruments for measuring Conductivity,
    pH, Redox and Temperature
  • Calibration & Cleaning Solutions
    Calibration solutions and standards for conductivity, pH and Redox measurement