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Pressure / Aerospace

Druck ADTS 405 - Air Data Test System
  • High accuracy, RVSM compliant
  • Flightline and rack mount versions
  • Civil and military specifications
  • Integral or remote pressure/vacuum supplies
  • Fully programmable for aircraft type
  • Protection for aircraft instruments

The Druck ADTS 405 is the latest in a series of reliable, high accuracy, air data test systems.

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Druck ADTS 500 Series - Air Data Test Sets
  • ADTS Touch hand terminal with WiFi and Bluetooth® wireless technology
  • Swipe-action, touch screen user interface with color graphics and menu
  • Standard icons for routine testing and storing customized test sequences
  • Multiple languages
  • Accuracy suitable for RVSM validation

The Druck ADTS500 Series of pitot static testers provides a smarter way to perform standard maintenance, troubleshooting, fault-finding and emergency aircraft on ground instrumentation validation.

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Druck ADTS 505 - Air Data Test Set
  • High accuracy – RVSM compliant
  • Fully automatic control
  • Rugged flightline construction
  • Wide ranging aircraft compatibility
  • Integral pneumatic supplies
  • Protection for aircraft instruments
  • Standard remote hand terminal

The Druck ADTS 505 is the latest in a series of reliable, compact and high accuracy Air Data Test Sets.

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Druck PACE 1000 - Precision Pressure Indicator
  • Up to three pressures displayed simultaneously
  • Pressure ranges up to 1000 bar (14500 psi/100 MPa)
  • Choice of precision up to 0.005% FS
  • Long term stability up to 0.01% Rdg per annum
  • Barometric reference option
  • Negative gauge calibration included as standard
  • Selectable graphical display
  • High resolution touch screen operation
  • Intuitive icon driven menu structure
  • Free 4Sight2 Calibration Software Included

A high precision Druck pressure indicator, designed for test bench, bench top and panel mount calibration, test and monitoring applications.

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Nav-Aids - Pitot Static Test Adaptors

Nav-Aids Ltd testing equipment is factory approved by virtually all leading aircraft manufacturers and is the choice of service providers the world over.

Products are manufactured to the highest standards by skilled technicians using only the best materials available. Highly qualified staff and state-of-the-art manufacturing facility all act to deliver assured products, unrivalled in quality and simplicity of design.

Nav-Aids Ltd is the industry leading manufacturer of Pitot Static Test Adaptors and Air Data Accessories Kits.

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Druck DPI 610A - Pitot Static Tester
  • Altitude and Airspeed leak testing
  • Altitude and Airspeed switch testing
  • Integral pressure/vacuum pump
  • Accuracy to 14ft and 0.7kts
  • Large, task oriented display
  • RS 232 communications interface

This special, 2 bar absolute (59 inHg absolute) version of the Druck DPI 610 provides manual generation of pressure and vacuum for testing of aircraft Pitot Static systems.

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