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Torque / Torque screwdrivers

Mountz Screwdrivers - Preset Torque Screwdrivers

Mountz Preset Torque Screwdrivers are designed for industries where production errors simply aren’t acceptable. Mountz preset torque screwdrivers apply the right amount of torque every time, giving total torque control at your fingertips.

Because they’re locked into position by a torque analyzer and feature thrust load bearings to prevent end load interference, preset screwdrivers remove the possibility of operator error. Ideal for repeated production work like line assembly, Mountz preset screwdrivers with ergonomic handles reduce fatigue and protect workers from repetitive motion injuries. You can also protect your delicate electronics assemblies by using ESD-safe Mountz screwdriver models.

  • Various models that range from 0.8 to 125
  • Torque screwdriver prevents operators from influencing the torque output when tightening fasteners
  • Accuracy and precision delivered for all fastening applications
  • Engineered with a cam-over mechanism, the poka-yoke screwdriver prevents over torque
  • Advanced cam-over technology provides a completely smooth reset reducing the risk of users loosening fasteners or breakage
  • Calibration life 4x ISO standards
  • Unique bearing system eliminates axial load and side load on the fastener applied by the operator
Mountz Screwdrivers - Clean Room Torque Screwdrivers

These Mountz Clean Room Torque Screwdrivers are the most advanced preset hand drivers in the world, exceeding the ISO calibration standards by 4 times. Torque ranges from 0.8 – 125 lbf/in.

With the growing trend of clean room manufacturing, the need for torque tools that meet stringent cleanliness requirements has increased. Mountz has responded to this manufacturing need with its range of clean room torque screwdrivers – preset torque limiting screwdrivers that are internally adjustable, the cam-over design preventing overtorquing.

  • Exceeds Class 100 clean room standards
  • Special seals prevent contamination
  • External components are high-grade stainless steel to inhibit any form of corrosion
  • Special microfiltered internal lubricant
  • Aluminum handle sealed with PTFE impregnated anodized finish
  • Tamper-proof internal adjustment. No external adjustment scale – must be preset using a torque analyzer
Mountz Screwdrivers - Adjustable torque screwdrivers

Mountz adjustable screwdrivers can save manufacturers and maintenance workers time and money by allowing them to accurately tighten critical fasteners of different sizes—all with a single tool.

Thanks to the externally adjustable torque setting on these tools, you can quickly switch torque values in the field or at the work station, leading to improved productivity. Mountz adjustable torque screwdrivers are controlled by the same highly effective internal clutch mechanism as preset screwdrivers, which can boost output while ensuring accurate, dependable results.

Ergo micro torque: Externally adjustable torque screwdrivers with ergo grip. Torque ranges: 10 ozf/in – 80 lbf/in.
Micro torque: Externally adjustable torque screwdrivers. Torque ranges: 20 ozf/in – 80 lbf/in.

  • Various models that range from 10 ozf/in to 80 lbf/in
  • Externally adjustable tool offers different setting options for applications that require more than one torque value
  • Positive locking system prevents incidental torque adjustment
  • Screwdriver slips free once the set torque has been reached making over-tightening impossible
  • Adjustment ring disengages to prevent incidental torque adjustment
  • Ergonomic rubber hand grip
  • Precision radial ball clutch and cam allows for automatic resetting
  • Micrometer adjustment allows for accurate tool setting
  • Colour coded adjustment ring allow for differentiation of models
  • ESD compliant
Mountz Dial Screwdrivers - Dial measuring torque screwdrivers

Mountz dial measuring torque screwdriver are designed for torque testing and torque verification.

These versatile tools are used for torque auditing and product evaluation. They can be used to monitor torque as it increases or decreases or display peak torque applied. The dial screwdriver is used in two common torque verification tests; the first movement test and the loosening test. The screwdriver is standard instrument in an engineer’s tool kit.

  • Calibrated range of 14 ozf/in to 40 lbf/in
  • Memory system holds maximum torque reached
  • TT dial measuring screwdrivers can be used to monitor torque as it increases or decreases or to display peak torque applied
  • Flat tension spring is used to give the best linear characteristics in both directions
  • Especially designed for torque evaluation and verification
  • Quality constructed with stainless steel shafts, attractive colored aluminum handles and sturdy dials for maximum tool life
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Ideal tool for QC, R & D and assembly operations
  • Dual American and S.I. graduated scales
Mountz Screwdrivers - Preset torque Limiters

For companies with minor torque control needs, Mountz torque limiters provide the value of a set of torque tools for a fraction of the cost.

Mounted in-line on a regular hand tool, torque limiters use a rotary clutch mechanism that lets operators accurately control torque output. Adding torque control capabilities to your toolbox will improve the quality of your results and lower the risk of faulty repairs. Durable, dependable, and versatile, Mountz torque limiters allow you to complete tough, technical service jobs with the knowledge that you have the right tools to get it done.

  • Various models that range from 1 to 85 lbf/in
  • Designed to be used in-line to limit torque for hand (static) applications. For low torque applications
  • Can also be used as an overload protection device on most applications where measuring a static overload is needed
  • The rotary clutch mechanism slips free when the pre-set torque value is reached, eliminating overtightening. The mechanism then automatically resets
  • Pre-set using a torque analyzer
  • Bi-directional operation and are calibrated in either the CW or CCW direction.
  • Lighweight and easy-to-use
  • Non-length dependent. Bi-directional operation and are calibrated in either the CW or CCW direction