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Torque / Torque wrenches

Mountz Torque Wrenches - FGC Cam-Over Wrenches

Quality cam-over technology in the palm of your hand, the Mountz FGC line of precision preset cam-over wrenches are the most advanced torque wrenches for high-level process and quality control.

The wrench’s repeatability, traceability, and precision safeguards against fastening failures. When under- or over-torquing puts products at risk, Mountz cam-over wrenches deliver the accuracy needed. Mountz cam-over wrenches use an internal cam-over mechanism to reduce the risk of operator error by disengaging once torque is reached. Mountz’s cam-over technology also increases consistency of torque delivered and joint reliability.

  • Poka-yoke torque wrench prevents over-torque.
  • Accuracy and precision delivered for all tightening applications
  • Calibration life 2x ISO standards
  • Unmatched quality you can count on
  • Two-year unlimited warranty
  • Lifetime warranty against manufacturer defects


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Mountz Torque Wrenches - Break-Over Wrenches

Mountz break-over wrenches limit torque applied which helps support quality control inspectors by preventing assembly errors.

Designed to accurately tighten diverse fasteners, break-over wrenches inform their operator when the right torque is reached by deflecting on their built-in hinge.

  • Range of wrench head options
  • Can reduce lost product or rework related to over- and under-torque conditions
  • Small size enables the wrench to fit into areas with tight clearances
  • Flexibile head switch-out for tricky fasteners or to get more use out of existing tools
Mountz Torque Wrenches - Click Wrenches

Mountz pre-set and adjustable click wrenches are strong, durable, and reliable, delivering the power needed to tighten any bolt.

The audible click prevents the over- or under-torquing of bolts which enhances process control and product quality. Click wrenches are more economical than other styles of torque wrenches, and can handle far higher torque values and are available in internally or externally adjustable models.

Internally adjustable wrenches are best suited to repeat production situations where the tool is dedicated to a single job. Externally adjustable click wrenches are better for dynamic production and repair situations where your team needs to use the same wrench on several different sized bolts.

  • Durable and robust for industrial fastening applications
  • Preset wrenches: Torque ranges: 3.7 – 885.6 lbf/ft
  • Adjustable wrenches: Torque ranges: 20 lbf/in – 750 lbf/ft
  • Preset or adjustable click wrench with a square drive
  • Bi-directional ratchet head
  • Crafted with strong steel shaft with high corrosion resistance
  • Lightly knurled non-slip grip
  • 48 and 60 tooth ratchet models
  • Ideal for field service, maintenance or production environments
Mountz Torque Wrenches - Insulated Torque Wrenches

Electrical Safety Meets Precision Tooling. Intended for low and high voltage applications where torque is critical, Mountz insulated torque wrenches protect their operators in both low and high voltage situations.

Essential for worker safety, insulated torque wrenches also improve work quality and productivity by preventing product damage due to arcing or shorting. Applications for linemen and electricians include a wide variety of live electrical situations, such as uninterrupted power supply repair. Mountz insulated torque wrenches meet IEC 6900 standards, keeping your workers safe.

  • Insulated Wrenches are for life-threatening high voltage and low voltage electrical assembly applications where over-torque conditions are not tolerated and operator safety is mandatory
  • Designed with nonconductive plastic insulation, the torque wrenches provide operators with the proper safety for fastening applications
  • The Insulated torque wrenches ensure proper torque control and eliminate the possibility of product failure due to shorting, arcing or other electrical damage
  • The 1000V Insulated torque wrenches are built to protect against voltages up to 1,000 volts making these torque tools ideal for use in electrically live situations for a wide range of industries
Mountz Torque Wrenches - Dial Wrenches

A dial torque wrench is an essential tool in torque measurement being crucial to ensuring proper mechanical operations, as it provides quality control in regards to monitoring and verifying torque.

This Mountz tool is commonly used to test, audit, and verify torque applied to joints. Using the memory pointer, the dial torque wrench will capture finishing torque that is applied to any fastener. This innovative Mountz dial type torque wrenches offer many features to simplify measuring torque.

  • Memory and fine main pointers provide accurate readings
  • An exclusive, built-in ratchet mechanism
  • Standard double-ended spindle ratchet mechanism allows for left handed torque applications
  • EDS model fitted with fixed double-end square drive
  • Mechanical stop with overload protection up to 125% of full scale
  • Standard torque indicating signal lights on CDS, DDS, and EDS models
  • ESD-compliance on all ADS models
  • Mountz dial torque wrenches are designed with a unique, recessed dial, which helps to minimize display damage
Mountz Torque Wrenches - Weld Stud Test Tools

The Weld Stud Test Tool is designed for use during the production of sheet metal products to test the strength and integrity of welds used to attach threaded welding studs to the sheet metal. An ideal tool for the automotive and appliance industry.

  • “T” shaped handle for easy operation & bi-directional
  • Tamper-proof internal adjustment. No external adjustment scale – must be preset using a torque analyzer and setting adapter
  • Interchangeable end fittings are available
  • Ideal tool for the automotive and appliance industry