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Pressure / Indicators

Additel ADT 686 - Advanced Digital Pressure Gauges

Additel’s new ADT686 gauges are designed to provide the best possible experience when using these new and revolutionary gauges. The 3.4 inch color touchscreen display comes with a protective replaceable tempered glass screen and is a refreshing update to the traditional push button or blister pad interface. With an easy to navigate menu structure and fast touchscreen response, these ADT686 gauges are simple yet powerful to use

With wireless remote connectivity, microprocessor technology, state of-the-art silicon pressure sensors and optional onboard storage capacity, these attractive and fully temperature compensated gauges will provide the performance, durability and reliability you’ve come to expect from genuine Additel products. The all new modern menu structure and control interface bring a new and refreshing experience to pressure calibration work. This completely new way of interfacing with our gauges makes the ADT686 a real pleasure to use. The handy Additel Link app gives users the ability to remotely monitor these gauges from the convenience of a personal device or cell phone. With an abundance of options to choose from, you can configure these pressure gauges to precisely fit your specific pressure calibration and measurement needs. With an IP67 rating, they can be used in the field or laboratory to meet the most demanding pressure calibration needs.

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  • Pressure ranges up to 60,000 psi (4,200 bar)
  • 0.02%, 0.05% FS or 0.1% RD Accuracy
  • Color Touchscreen Display
  • Every model measures Gauge or Absolute Pressure
  • Built-in Barometer
  • Intuitive Smartphone Like Interface
  • Bluetooth and USB communication
  • IP67 Rated