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Temperature / Fluidised Baths

BFS - High temperature Furnace

The Techne BFS is a high temperature furnace equipped with TC-5 controller, designed for applications requiring a constant high temperature source for calibration.

The BFS uses a K type chromel thermocouple. Substantial fire brick insulation is included within the outer container and the lid. The unit which is particularly suited to long, large or irregularly shaped probes has a hinged lid and a cylindrical bath 218mm by 254mm deep.

The tool contains an inner container filled with two layers of fine granular particles. The zirconium oxide lower layer is denser than the aluminium oxide upper layer, and does not fluidize. Each area of the divided section has a separate air supply which must be oil-, water- and dust-free. In addition, this unit is comprised of a temperature control system and an air flow control unit.

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  • Temperature range 200°C to 1100°C
  • Temperature stability short term ±0.5 to 3.5°C
  • Display resolution 1°C
  • Type of control 3 term PID
  • Temperature sensor: K type thermocouple
  • Air pressure 47kPa (7psi)
  • Maximum flow 85 litres/minute




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COVID-19: Staying safe whilst we remain open

COVID-19: Staying safe whilst we remain open


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