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Electrical / Calibrators

DPI 620G Genii - Multifunction calibrator and HART/FF communicator

The Druck DPI 620 Genii Series – Advanced Modular Calibrator and HART/Fieldbus Communicator that combines an advanced multi-function calibrator and HART/Foundation Fieldbus communicator with world-class pressure measurement and generation.

A flexible modular system
The Druck DPI 620 Genii Series – Advanced Modular Calibrator and HART/Fieldbus Communicator comprises four system components to provide the multi-functionality to perform duties formerly requiring a wide range of different instruments.

The system components are
DPI 620G – Multi-function calibrator, HART/Fieldbus Communicator
PM 620 – Interchangeable pressure modules
MC 620G – Pressure module carrier
PV 62XG – Pressure generating

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  • Multi-function capabilities: electrical, frequency, temperature and pressure
  • Complete HART communicator included
  • Optional Foundation Fieldbus communicator
  • Modular re-rangeable and expandable concept
  • Individual components can be used as stand-alone instruments
  • Allows significant inventory reductions
  • Simplifies training and improves operator safety
  • Reduces cost of ownership



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