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Pressure / Process Sensors

Druck LPX 1000 Series - Differential Pressure Transmitter

The Druck LP 1000 Series wet/wet differential pressure transmitter is ideally suited for use in clean room HVAC monitoring and control.

The device offers several improvements over traditional sensors such as user-accessible damping, excellent longterm stability, and wet/wet differential operation where conductive fluids may be exposed to the measurement diaphragm.

The LP 1000 Series offers a dramatic improvement in reliability with improved stability and the ability to tolerate condensing media. The design has been field proven with more than 10 years in applications where high humidity and condensing media are a daily occurrence. The damping adjustment feature allows the user to slow the response time to eliminate nuisance trips of alarms when doors are opened and closed.

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  • Ranges ±0.1 to ±30 inH2O (0.25 to 70 m bar)
  • Accuracy: ±0.5% FS BSL (±0.25% FS optional)
  • Long term stability: > ±0.5% FS / Year
  • Calibration certificate option
  • Wet/wet differential pressure
  • User accessible damping
  • Unidirectional or bidirectional operation
  • Current or voltage output
  • Easy to calibrate “in-situ” with front calibration access option



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