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Mountz Torque Wrenches - FGC Cam-Over Wrenches

Quality cam-over technology in the palm of your hand! The Mountz FGC line of precision preset cam-over wrenches are the most advanced torque wrenches for high-level process and quality control. The wrench’s repeatability, traceability, and precision safeguards against fastening failures.

When under- or over-torquing puts products at risk, Mountz cam-over wrenches deliver on accuracy, using an internal cam-over mechanism to reduce the risk of operator error by disengaging once torque is reached. Mountz’s cam-over technology increases consistency of torque delivered and joint reliability.

Precision and accuracy delivered every time
Mountz FGC tools stay in calibration 2X longer than the most stringent industry standard (ISO 6789). Engineered with a cam-over mechanism, the poka-yoke wrench prevents over torque. Implementing this error-proofing wrench removes the operator influence from the torque equation and delivers a more accurate and repeatable fastening result than a standard click type wrench, delivering the correct torque, time after time.

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  • Cam-over technology ensures correct torque is applied and eliminates fastener breakage issues
  • Poka-yoke torque wrench prevents over-torque
  • Error-proofing assembly process
  • Safeguards against fastening failures
  • Calibration life 2x ISO standards, unmatched by any wrench
  • A preset wrench ideal for fastening applications where operators repeatedly assemble parts at the same torque setting
  • A preset production torque wrench
  • Tool is set to a designated torque value and the correct torque value is consistently applied
  • Internal locking mechanism prevents incidental torque setting changes and ensures fastening precision and repeatability
  • Tamper-proof internal adjustment



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