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PTX 1730 Series - Depth and Level Pressure Sensors

The 1730/1740 series has been developed as a general purpose, hydrostatic liquid level sensor, designed to work in low powered, arduous applications, including surface water, ground water and tank level.

It is the latest generation of submersible products manufactured over the past 30 years and features high performance, micro-machined silicon technology, packaged in a fully welded 316 stainless steel assembly.

Level pressure sensor application specific features include a Kevlar strain relieved vented cable, internal condensation protection and an IP68 injection moulded cable assembly, which guarantees sensor operation over an extended lifetime.

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  • Ranges from 3.5 mH2O to 600 mH2O
  • Accuracy ±0.25%
  • Fully welded 17.5 mm 316 stainless construction
  • Pulse power operation
  • Polyurethane and hydrocarbon resistant cables
  • Full range of installation accessories



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