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UKAS Calibration

UKAS Calibration
UKAS Calibration ISO17025 Ireland laboratory delivering the widest capabilities for Pressure, Temperature, Electrical, Mass and Humidity. We use the latest laboratory equipment, from automated mass comparators to high precision dead weight testers, enabling us to achieve best in class uncertainties of measurement, assuring total confidence in every measurement performed.

Classic’s unparalleled turnaround times are delivering both repair and calibration to a large number of Ireland’s leading companies, including pharmaceuticals and aerospace that require the most exacting standards so there’s no need to compromise on either quality or service.

Range: 0 to 1100 bar Gauge and Absolute
Instruments: Analogue and Digital Indicators, Barometers, Pressure Calibrators. (For example; Druck, Beamex, Fluke etc.) Transmitters and Transducers, Low pressure calibrators. (For example; Additel, Druck, Furness etc.)

Range: -196°C to +660°C
Instruments: Dry Block Calibrators, Digital Temperature Indicators, RTDs/PRTs

Range: Voltage, Current, Resistance, Frequency, Time and RPM
Instruments: Process Meters (e.g. Fluke, Metrix etc.), Multifunction Calibrators (e.g. Druck, Beamex, Fluke etc.) Resistance Decade Boxes, Loop Calibrators, Photo Tachometers, Stopwatches, Current Clamp Meters.

Range: 5% to 95% Relative Humidity over 0°C to 60°C
Instruments: RH, Dew Point and Temperature indicators (e.g. Vaisala, Rotronic, Dostmann, E&E etc.), RH&T Loggers etc.

Range: 1mg to 20kg
Instruments: OIML Class E2, F1, F2, M1, M2 and M3: 1mg to 20kg

Classic Technology has a wide range of stock masses across all OIML R111 classifications in order to ensure speedy turnaround should any mass be found to be outside of the R111 MPE specifications.